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Buying a HUD Listing

HUD homes are 1-to-4 unit properties that are the results of a HUD foreclosure action on a person’s FHA-insured mortgage. The house, now foreclosed, becomes the property of HUD – Department of Housing and Urban Development – which then sells it at a lower premium cost in an attempt to recover part of the loss of the foreclosure.

Almost anyone can buy a HUD foreclosure home as long they have the cash or they can qualify for a loan (restrictions apply to loans). The ability for a HUD home to become available to buy by anyone comes only after a length of time called the priority period, which a period that only those who are buying it as a primary residence may purchase the foreclosure property. After this time, the foreclosure home becomes able to be sold to anyone, including investors. Registered real estate brokers are able to bid in place of their clients on foreclosed HUD properties.

For those who are evacuees of Hurricane Katrina, Wilma or Rita, there may a chance for you to purchase a foreclosed HUD home at a discount. Contact the seller for more information regarding the possibility of this discount.
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