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Century 21 Foreclosures

As one of the world’s biggest real estate sales organizations, Century 21 works with buyers and sellers both worldwide with foreclosure properties.

Independent Agents for this company specialize in bank property foreclosures and can be a wise decision with homeowners wanting to seek options with property foreclosures forced by a bank or lender. Century 21 has a constantly updated list of foreclosure properties on their website of bank owned foreclosure properties. Bank owned foreclosure properties are a separate entity than auction based foreclosures. What is called a REO, real estate owned property is a bank property that was returned to the bank due to a forced property foreclosure.

As soon as the banks gains ownership, the mortgage is void. In oft times the bank forces eviction on the foreclosed homeowner and many people are involved in a transaction. Bank foreclosures also border the market value when sold. The opportunity with Century 21 is the foreclosed property will have no liens and no buyer premiums or any commissions as it’s through the company. Century 21 buys foreclosed properties in bulk and can offer a chunk of savings up to 30% instant equity that a bank foreclosure simply cannot with individual foreclosures.
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