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Our computers work 24/7 to "cherry-pick" the properties which have the BEST potential to be a bargain!

  • Below Appraisal Properties - Our computers compare the current asking price of properties to common online appraisal values to determine which properties are priced below estimated value!
  • Reduced-Price Properties - These are the homes where the seller has drastically reduced the current sales price from the original sales price. "Below Appraisal" Properties Our systems compare sales prices to online appraisal values to find properties listed well below online appraisals.
  • Under Tax Appraisal Houses - We compare asking prices to County Tax Appraisal Values to find "Under Tax Value" properties.
  • High-Potential Deals - Our computers search for keywords such as 'Sold As-Is' and 'Make Offer & others to find other great high potential houses!

While the vast majority of bargain property websites provide out-dated and limited information on ONLY FORECLOSURES, Current Bank Foreclosures goes in the oppposite direction to ensure the listings are both complete, comprehensive, and accurate. There are over 82,000 Bargain Deals and Bargain Deals on! County foreclosures listings on include bank foreclosures, REO homes preforeclosure listings, HUD foreclosure listings, wholesale properties, private lenders, for sale by owners, and motivated seller properties. In addition to providing listings in all of these categories, allows members to receive e-mail alerts of new foreclosures in their area.

If you are looking for Bargain Deals or a foreclosure home for yourself, or just as an investment property, is your one-stop bargain property and foreclosures destination.