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Chase Foreclosures

Chase offers help to homeowners with short sales when instances prevail causing a home to become for sale. Chase has a few alternatives to help homeowners avoid foreclosure on their home. One program that is government based is the Home Affordable program that has been currently expanded with the Obama administration in helping homeowners retain their homes. It has a set criteria and prerequisite base, but limited funding. Chase foreclosure services can help as an alternative to a forced foreclosure with supplementary option plans.

Chase can offer an option on a property faced with foreclosure when what is owed is actually more than the property is worth. In this instance, Chase can offer homeowners the option of a short sale. It can help with timing and give the homeowner some control of the situations terms. Chase�s program of HAFA helps with relocation expenses up to $3000 with the same of the foreclosed home and in some instances, Chase can offer additional funding for expenses through their short sale program qualifications and loan modification criteria.

Foreclosure of a home may not be the only route for a homeowner with programs for home retention that can allow homeowners options and provisions with a forced move.
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