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Trulia as a Foreclosure Resource

With over 55% of U.S. renters and 45% of current homeowners being on the market to buy foreclosed homes, many turn to services like Trulia to help with concerns about hidden costs, buying risks, and potential losses in home buying. Trulia is a homebuyer�s resource that assists sellers, renters, and first time homebuyers in what can be multilayered transactions.

Trulia is an online company based in California that is basically a search tool with personalization geared towards finding the right match for a potential buyer through a series of queries. Trulia provides Locale, community acumen, market activity, and national listings in a central location for buyers, sellers, and owners of foreclosures.

Service providers like Trulia help buyers with foreclosures as many expect to pay lower than 40% for a foreclosed upon home than with a non-foreclosed home. Many have resentment towards the government due to the widespread occurrence of foreclosures within today�s marketplace to start with, and are more willing to deal with an experienced service such as Trulia with foreclosures. Trulias foreclosure help also includes the 33% of homeowners who reported in a blind survey that they knew or were someone who had applied for, or been the receiver of: a loan for home modification, recanted on mortgage payments, were foreclosed upon, had to walk away, or were forced to short sell their home.
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